Let’s Eat-Exploring Houston through Food

Are you a foodie? You may have heard that Houston is the most diverse city in the United States. It is absolutely the most diverse city when it comes to food. What if you could go on a tour and sample food from different cuisines and learn a little about Houston’s neighborhoods and Houston’s history and culture at the same time. You can by taking a food tour of Downtown, the Houston Heights, and The Montrose. At each restaurant you’ll sample the type of food that made that restaurant famous. You’ll also learn about the food and how it is prepared and a history of the restaurant. Why not give a food tour to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or reunion?

The food tour is not a tour offered by or affiliated with Discover Houston Tours. The Food Tour is offered by Houston Food Tours. Contact Houston Food Tours at info@foodtourcorp.com. The website is www.tasteofhoustonfoodtours.com and the phone number is 713 554-1835 or 202-683-8857.