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  • Bonnie

    I will be staying in a downtown hotel for a conference (without a car!). What is the best way to get out to the NASA Space Station? Is there a public bus? Do you offer tours out to the NASA facility? Any suggestions? Dr. Devet

  • Nancy Nichols

    Are private tours available to travel by van? Say, for 6 or 8? I was thinking about a party for retiree friends who live in Houston, but may not have seen quirkier sights.

    • Nancy, I can offer van tours for 6-8 people if they provide the transportation. In Houston’s city limits, a tour guide cannot also drive a van. We can, however, be “step-on guides.” Your idea sounds very interesting and I would love to discuss it with you if transportation isn’t an issue. Please call me at 713.222.9255. If I am out on tour, please leave me a message. I look forward to talking with you.

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